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You Learn Basic to Advanced Practical based HVAC Training | AC Technician Training | HVAC Certification | HVAC And Refrigeration Training | Air Conditioning Courses in Lucknow

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  • Course Includes
  • 45-60 Days/ 120 Hours - Practical Training
  • 7-10 Years Industry Expert Trainer
  • Practical Training Under HVAC Projects*
  • Design Industry Required Professional CV
  • Mock Interview Sessions -How to Crack
  • 2 Years Membership
  • 3-Certificates of completion

What you will learn

  • Design any HVAC system for any type of buildings.
  • Design all the HVAC thermal loads calculations on the Excel software.
  • Read and Analyze AutoCAD architectural layouts .
  • Design the Ducts systems and their required calculations.
  • Design the Air-terminal Systems and their required calculations.
  • Design the chiller systems and its required calculations.
  • Design all the HVAC thermal load calculations with the manual calculations.
  • Apply all the HVAC designs with the HAP software.
  • Understand all the Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning fundamentals and basic to advanced concepts.
  • Understand some thermodynamics fundamentals that are basic to advanced for the HVAC design.
  • Work perfectly on the Excel Software.
  • Work on the AutoCAD Software.


  • The course is for beginners, Freshers or for those transitioning from another industry or discipline.Zest to learn new technology.


HVAC Training | HVAC Course


HVAC engineering is one of the sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering which is very much in demand in today's world. In this course, you will learn the HVAC fundamentals as well as the core principles of HVAC engineering directly in the field that every professional in the HVAC field should know.


HVAC is also one of the mechanical engineering designing core.


SIPL Training in Lucknow is a perfect location for HVAC Training in Lucknow and HVAC Training Institute in Lucknow which will help trainees to get jobs in top MNCs and achieve their goals based on current industrial requirements. Our special HVAC training package is designed in a way that sets us apart from other training centres and makes it our speciality so that anyone can learn it and in terms of designing and drafting plans, onsite training, heat load senate and Become a perfectionist of HVAC. Various others. The instructors at the centre are working very hard to make their students up-to-date with industry needs.



HVAC Design Engineer Job Description:

HVAC design engineers design and develop refrigeration and heating systems for commercial and residential properties. HVAC companies, construction crews and building companies hire.


HVAC design engineers work full time during all shifts, mainly during the daytime hours. HVAC design engineers report on any jobs to the project manager or construction foreman. Travel is an essential element of this work, as HVAC design engineers must visit various construction sites and properties to assess heating and cooling needs and design different systems to meet these needs.



HVAC Design Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

HVAC design engineers perform a variety of tasks depending on the size of the heating and cooling projects, the type of property where the system is required, and the heating and cooling of customers. However, despite these differences, these main tasks are:



  • Design HVAC Systems: HVAC design engineers create heating and cooling systems and their controls.
  • Calculate heating and cooling requirements: HVAC design engineers perform load calculations to determine how much heating and cooling power should be applied to heat or cool places when needed.
  • Interpretation and Drafting Plans: HVAC design engineers interpret and explain construction plans, schematic and blueprints for new construction projects. He also drafted new plans to design ductwork and piping systems.
  • Calculate ventilation requirements: HVAC design engineers calculate ventilation requirements based on the type of system required.
  • Determine budget cost: HVAC design engineers determine costs for heating and cooling systems and write detailed budget estimates.
  • Coordinate with others: HVAC design engineers coordinate and collaborate with architects and engineers when designing heating and cooling systems.
  • Follow all building codes: HVAC design engineers follow all building codes and obtain appropriate building permits when necessary


In this course, you will learn HVAC, learn complete rules. After completing this course you will be able to design the HVAC system of the building. You will learn about HVAC load calculation of building, methods of duct designing and duct designing, you can also learn about indoor. Also learn about air quality, HVAC equipment and documentation. After completing this course your chances of getting a job will increase and you will be able to start your own consultancy.



HVAC course

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is an indoor and vehicle environmental comfort technology. The technology aims to provide thermal comfort and high indoor air quality. The technique of ventilating a building is divided into some types as mechanical, forced and natural ventilation that will provide optimal temperatures throughout the day and night.


HVAC performs the above function through three separate and integrated parts, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, at the required points or wherever necessary. Installing, HVAC systems have become common in recent times and the industry-standard required for the construction of new buildings.


Today, HVAC systems are seen everywhere, regardless of the type of environment, including domestic and commercial. HVAC systems provide ventilation and equilibrium pressures between vacuum spaces. This method of transporting air and removing spaces is called chamber air distribution.


"Heat ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is one of the most important systems for any building design".

  • If the word 'HVAC' baffles your mind and you want to master it, then this is for you.
  • If you want to start your career in HVAC design and make money from it, then is for you.
  • If you want to learn how to design the HVAC system for any Project, then this course is for you.
  • If you get bored with the word 'this course is for you', then this course is for you.
  • if you love mechanical engineering.
  • if you are a mechanical engineering student.


The term is forming, and it is appropriate because most building designs must include heating and ventilation requirements.


So we present for you the HEAT ventilation and AIR CONDITIONING design course, which you need to get your hands on HVAC design as this course gathers most of the knowledge you will need in your journey.


Understanding basic to advanced like mechanical systems; Supply, return, exhaust, outside systems, etc. Learn about hydropic piping systems such as chilled water supply, chilled water return, hot water supply and hot water return, and condensate drain piping. Creating and annotating construction documents such as sheets, CAD 2D, CAD 3D, understanding work sharing, building HVAC and hydronic systems with automated duct and piping layouts can be learned.


HVAC plays an important role, such as cooling, heating and ventilating. Using BIM, we can easily understand, what are the basic components of HVAC (heating ventilating, and air conditioning) systems and mechanical systems.


Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Mechanical engineering students
  • HVAC designers
  • Fluid mechanics students
  • Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning students
  • Anyone who needs to construct his HVAC project
  • Energy engineers
  • HAP designing students
  • Revit MEP students
  • Autocad mechanical students
  • Plumbing students
  • Piping students
  • Revit MEP designers
  • Engineers
  • interior Designers
  • technicians
  • Anyone Interested in Learning about HVAC engineering


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About the Instructor

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