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Google Adwords Training in Lucknow | Google Adwords Certification Course In Lucknow

Showcase your master of Google Ads by getting certified in Search, Display, Video, with the best training institute in Lucknow SIPL

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What you will learn

  • Drive Consistent, Round-The-Clock Traffic To Your Website or Landing Page
  • Use Conversion Tracking To Determine The Value Of Your Ad Campaigns
  • Create, Develop and Optimize Your Own Profitable Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Remarket to Your Previous Website Visitors To Get Them Coming Back To Your Site
  • Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
  • Monetize The More Than 6 Billion Daily Searches On Google
  • Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website


  • All you need is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection!


Adwords training in Lucknow | Google Adwords  Certification Course

Are you interested in becoming an expert of Google Adword of PPC or want to be an expert in Search Engine Marketing as compared to our institute, this is an ideal institute where you can fulfil your dreams with the help of our Institute of Inexperienced Teacher Guidelines Google Adwords Training in Lucknow Can achieve

Know that people are doing a local search or growing all over the world to grow their business in online internet marketing.


Due to a large response on search engines, small or big businessmen need to hire an expert who is an expert and expert to advertise their business and this is visible on search engine optimization.



SIPL Lucknow Google AdWords training in Lucknow provides our student with an expert trainer who has more than 13 years of experience and spends more time in digital marketing and research about new updates to enhance their business in digital marketing Does.


Our trainers specialize in teaching student on PPC and many students are working and offering services in digital marketing and the company's growth in online marketing and advertising in digital marketing.


We are one of the leading digital training institutes in Uttar Pradesh and we provide job training programs that place you in digital marketing and brighten your future in the advertising sector in the digital market.


Our institute has achieved a very good position in the field of digital marketing business on the Internet for a student who successfully passes an Adword test conducted by Google.


When you will be successful in completing the Google Adword exam which will be conducted by Google. You will be certified who help you to enhance your career in digital marketing.


Our trainer of digital marketing trained you and instilled a belief in you that you can easily find a suitable job in the industry.


Our institute will teach you how to generate for the company or industry and bring them to the top-level to grow your business and get positive feedback or return on investment for your company.


In this course you will learn:


  • How to set up your AdWords account from scratch
  • Principles behind successful online advertising
  • What are keywords and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to set up conversion tracking and track phone calls from your website
  • How to track sales, revenue and form submissions using Google AdWords
  • How to take advantage of competitive reports and customer data in your campaigns
  • How to write an A / B test your ads
  • How to increase Quality Score and reduce your cost per click
  • How to structure your accounts, campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists for optimal results
  • How to analyze keyword data in Excel to get deeper insights into your data
  • How to use tools like SEMrush and Optmyzr to automate your optimization tasks and run better analytics
  • How to monitor your campaign performance regularly
  • How to register problems in your account and what you need to do to fix it
  • How to understand your customers from a psychological level

 .... and many more!


Unless you have the tools and skills to manage your own successful Google AdWords campaign, you will keep losing customers to your competition.


Once you complete this course, you can create, develop, and optimize a professional Google AdWords campaign that sends high-quality traffic to your website 7 days a week.


Let me walk you through the most important aspects of Google AdWords with a clear, step-by-step approach. By following with me, you will see how simple, fun and effective Google AdWords can be.


Thank you very much for taking the time to see my course. I know that you are going to like it completely, and I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you!



Who this course is for:

  • Whoever wants to master the world's most powerful and popular advertising platform
  • Small business owners who want to increase their sales and revenue through their website
  • Entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of the world's most advanced advertising platform for their competitive advantage
  • Marketing professionals who want a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the AdWords auction and give step by step instructions on how they can succeed with AdWords
  • Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills
  • Beginner and more advanced AdWords users who want more information on how to set up search campaigns and remarketing ads correctly
  • If you are not ready to take your online advertising and marketing seriously then this course is not for you.

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

SIPL Training consists of a strong portfolio Training program since 2007. SIPL Training institute defines the High-End Training which is the latest and the updated training to fill the gap between the students and the corporate. The candidates are working in Big MNCs after getting training. SIPL offer, Digital Marketing Training , HR Practical Training, Python Training, SEO Training, Social Media Marketing Training, SAP FICO Training, SAP SD, Training SAP HR Training, SAP MM Training, HVAC Training, Revit MEP Training, PHP, WordPress Training, Asp.Net Training, many more...only 8-10 candidates in a batch.