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Internet of Things (IoT) Training in Lucknow | Internet of Things (IOT) - From Beginner to Expert Training

Learn the Internet of Things (IoT) one of the trending technologies, Internet of Things Practical Project Based at SIPL Lucknow. This training course is ideal for those who want to set up a network or to advance their career in IoT.

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What you will learn

  • IoT technology and tools
  • Features of the IoT landscape
  • Designing and building a network based on the client server
  • Core concepts and background technologies
  • Sensors, microcontrollers and communication interfaces to design and build IoT devices
  • Publishing/subscribing to connect, collect data, monitor and manage assets
  • Reviewing standard development initiatives and reference architectures
  • Cloud infrastructure, services, APIs and architectures of commercial and industrial cloud platforms
  • Writing device, gateway and server-side scripts and apps, enabling them to aggregate and analyse sensor data
  • Prevalent computing architectures, including distributed, centralized, and edge/fog computing
  • Selecting application-layer protocols and web services architectures for a seamless integration of various components wi...
  • Deploying various types of analytics on machine data to define context, find faults, ensure quality and extract valuable...


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Introductory Internet of Things Course for Freshers or Professionals:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the trending techniques in the modern world. In fact, many of you will probably be using this technique, without even being aware of it. Explained in simple terms, IoT refers to communication networks that connect multiple devices via the Internet. SIPL Training IoT courses will equip you with technical knowledge and expertise to establish and maintain an IoT network.


About our IoT certification training

This IoT certification course is cleverly designed to help you understand the basics of IoT. You will learn to develop IoT solutions using the integration of sensors and components. You will implement IoT in Big Data and understand the use and modelling of extracted data. The use cases and hands covered in this course will show you how IoT technology is going to change the future! By the end of this training, you will have learned the roles, responsibilities of an IoT developer and will be ready for implementation.


SIPL Training Provides comprehensive training course for the Internet of Things (IoT). You will learn IoT From Beginner to Expert, importance, creating your own IoT devices, sensors, IoT communication and security. This training will help you become part of the ongoing IoT revolution worldwide.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge scope for development for IT professionals, electrical and electronics engineers, designers and solution architects. It is a blessing for existing and budding entrepreneurs who are interested in creating smart solutions for their customers. Professionals working in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, real estate, sales, finance, designing, manufacturing, electrical equipment, retail, healthcare, etc. can also benefit from knowing about IoT Solutions. Fresh graduates and newcomers can also start their career on the right foot with the Internet of Things certification.


Why should you go to SIPL Training for this IoT certification training?

The Internet of Things is considered the next major technology revolution after the invention of the Internet. It is going to have a tremendous impact on life and could possibly lead to the betterment of millions of people worldwide. According to Cisco, more than 50 million devices are expected to be connected to IoT by 2020.


Healthcare, logistics, aviation, education, information technology is the name of anything and IoT will become an integral part of all these verticals. The Internet of Things is believed to have been told about the eccentricity that would eventually turn into the Internet of Everything. IoT has therefore become a major interest of technologists globally and is considered to be the next big thread in the IT industry. Learning IoT will not only give you a career boost, but you will also be able to gain insight into how technology has impacted the world and will continue to do so in the coming decades.



Why should you take an IoT training course?

  • By 2020, we will have more than 50 billion devices connected to the Internet of things
  • IoT to have an economic impact of up to $ 11 trillion by 2025 - McKinsey Global Institute
  • There will be 250 million IoT connected automobiles making new progress in transportation by 2020


The Internet of Things  (IoT ) is definitely taking our world by storm. 2008 was the turning point when more people were connected to the Internet than humans. Now, the number of Internet-connected people is growing rapidly in new job roles and career opportunities that are skilled in IoT technology and well versed in its deployment, management and security. This is definitely a new front that is opening up and taking this Intellipaat IoT training will definitely put you in a different league and help you command top-dollar salaries.



Who can benefit from this course?

  • Engineering students
  • Electronics/IT Engineers
  • Aspiring IoT Engineers
  • Aspiring Embedded Developers
  • Cloud Solution Architects

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