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HR Certification Training

HR Certification Training Courses

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Learn the Basics to Advanced 100% Practical Training in Human Resources Management Training Course through HR involvement i..

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  • 4.7 Rating
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What you will learn
  • Explain and Define What is Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Explain the Hiring and Retention Strategies followed by Organizations
  • Explain the Scope of Human Resource Management
  • Learn about the Skills required for HR Professionals
  • Explain Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Develop a general understanding of the Human Resources function.
  • Apply key HR concepts and principles in the workplace.
  • Identify the main responsibilities of Human resource managers
  • Learn about HR metrics, Recruitment, Retention, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Satisfaction, Communication
  • Explain the need to strategic plans and Human resource as the internal and external environments change

  •   English/Hindi
  • 4507 Students
  • All Levels

If you're a talent management professional, you already know just how important it is to get the right candidate in the right..

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  • 4.9 Rating
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What you will learn
  • Define an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and issues related to culture fit
  • Write a job description that attracts candidates
  • Attract high-quality candidates through referral recruiting and, in some cases, by maintaining a passive candidate strok...
  • Invite constructive engagement with stakeholders while working to eliminate bias
  • Negotiate compensation agreements with new hires
  • Use phone screens to filter out unmatched candidates and save time on interviews